Dialogue among civilizations

We would like the idea of Dialogue among Civilizations and Iran with a long history in medicine and USA as the first degree in science in the world can work together now. The term of dialogue between civilizations initially used by Austrian philosopher, Hans Köchler, who in 1972, in a letter to UNESCO, had suggested the idea of an international conference on the “dialogue between different civilizations”. I think you remember that Isfahan city in Iran, was one of the first places where Dialogue among Civilizations took place. Safa Khaneh Community was established more than a century ago in 1902 in Isfahan. Safa Khaneh was a place where Haj Aqa (Mr.) Nourollah and his older brother made. It was a place where Muslims and Christians talked about their religions with each other and it was considered as one of the first interfaith centers in the world. Later, a magazine was published based on the dialogues between Muslims and Christians in Safa Khaneh and it was released in Iran, India and England. The founder of Safa Khaneh, Haj Aqa Nouroollah was one of the leaders of the Constitution Era in Iran. His house has become a museum named Constitution house of Isfahan.
I am sure, the future would be better, and we can record our name in the history in a way that they helped the patients significantly.

Seyed Moayed Alavian, MD

Professor in Hepatology

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